Calibrate the system and implement a comprehensive courtyard oficial 94 years
The shrine of Imam Reza in Mashhad city center, Khorasan Razavi province, Iran; Lyalrzast tomb of the Shiite Muslims as "Haram" is cherished and sacred. Steadily building its outstanding overhead Mosque (tomb of Imam Reza) (425 AH / 1033 AD) and Gohar Shad Mosque (built 821 AH / 1418 AD) is. Imam Reza shrine of the eighth Imam of the Shiites collection Association, Lyalrza other mosques, mausoleums, porches, courtyards, museum and library covers.

The largest mosque in the world in size (250 thousand square meters) and is the second largest mosque in capacity (500 thousand) are considered. The oldest parts of it, antiquity decades lunar 610/1230 of the decade. timurid period that many ancient monuments in Tus, Khorasan, herat and Nishapur was renovated,was also moved to this location. Many of the constructs of the Shiite shrine, the Safavid Shah left in particular.

Ali ibn Musa was born on 11 Zyqdh year 148 AH in Madina al-Abbasi was killed at the age of 55.

shrine to the orchard garden and cemetery in Persian literature and the Mzj and body, including the Shrine of Ali Ben Mvsyalrza Monaware read. this location includes an area of 189 square chamber. 03 square meters of this space 17. 15 square meters is the shrine area. shrine Monaware through four large platform in four directions inside and outside the shrine linked to

Voice guidance Tehran mosque project
Hedayat mosque is a mosque in Tehran Republic Street (in the last part of the street was called Istanbul) is located.Ayatollah Taleghani in the mosque to learn the Koran presented lectures and meetings. The mosque bases-religious activist in the campaign was Zdphlvy.

Select the location of the mosque and the reasons for it:
Quoted some sources, the exposure of Istanbul mosque near the cinema in the streets and parks and recreation centers close to Lalehzar that the people of that age, The reasons for choosing this location was considered. It is said Mahmoud Taleghani, managed to make it interesting places and segments of the population such as students and academics to come.

Taleghani seen from the mosques:
Taleghani said the inscription on the entrance of the mosque and in the cinema installation that:
Without the customer's enjoyment of blasphemy and religious groups, a group of like

Taleghani Mosque of the Prophet believed that "jihad mosque was a place, a center of education and conflict resolution; Only one thing was, was beginning assembly. " He also implicit, Hedayat mosque founded. His interpretation of the Quran in the mosque meetings and presentations etc. were organized.