Tehran Province Water and Wastewater

By creating the Department of Water and Wastewater

The Department of Energy in 1368, studying the organization of water and sewage services in the country more quickly continued

Finally, in 1369, the establishment of water and wastewater companies was presented to Parliament The plan was adopted on 10.11.1369 and was delivered to the government for implementation.

Tehran Province Water and Wastewater Company on the basis of a water and sanitation law firms And on 01.24.1371 to 89 561 numbers recorded in the Office of Registrar of Companies was founded.

The task of Tehran Province Water and Wastewater Company The creation and distribution of water supply installations and facilities associated with the collection, transport and treatment of wastewater, Exploitation and distribution of water supply facilities and facilities related to the collection, Irrigation and drainage network in the city of Tehran's legal limit has been set.

Tehran Province Water and Wastewater Company Since the beginning of its establishment in 1373 By the policy of decentralization and aims to provide quality services to citizens wide range of cover (In Tehran), According to Clause 2 of Article a law firm comprised of water and sanitation Areas in Tehran by dividing self except in five regions to form "West of Tehran Province Water and Wastewater Company", "Tehran Water and Wastewater Company Cities and Towns West", "Southwest of Tehran Province Water and Wastewater Company", "Water and Sewage Company southeast of Tehran.", And "East of Tehran Province Water and Wastewater Company" In each of the areas mentioned action.


Economic Jihad project
Jihad means the intersection of religious literature And involved two front right and wrong, or light and darkness in all areas of history, society and individual. This is the conflict there from the beginning of creation to the resurrection of judgment And every creature, therefore, serve or right side or the wrong side service, And both sides of the Almighty, the aid is implemented. There is no creature action and his work, Or serve right side or the wrong side or in the service of common effect is on both fronts. The share of creatures effect is different And especially, imams, or prayer leaders the right to cancel, the share of central effects are And the effects of the ruling are Shamloo.

Jihad in the areas of political, cultural, social, military, economic and defined ...And true. Economic Jihad in the desired look, consider the effect and operation of each artifact and creature , Due to its effectiveness in helping the front right And fight the enemy in the field.

Economic Jihad, someone called The income and economic growth and promotion of the right side and the wrong side in his practice in terms of the economic loss And never in production and consumption, to the benefit of the Muslim community is not looking for personal gain and neglect; But also to promote Islam and increase the authority of the Islamic countries and the oppressed of the world economic community And the destruction of arrogance, and ultimately, to more nearness to God in this area of social life.

Economic Jihad man like a skilled chess player must consider all possibilities in an economy Lest what they do for Ghyrmstqymdr direct and material authority to take the wrong side, He as much as possible should be possible to take advantage of economic behavior by the enemy to zero.